After The Holiday Relaxation Basket

The time between Thanksgiving and the New Year can be hectic. There is a lot to do between shopping, wrapping presents, decorating, finishing my latest novel, letting someone else cook, ordering the food someone else is going to cook from a restaurant, and going to parties
 (can you tell I'm not much of a cook?).
Afterward, a lady needs some down time. 
What a better way to relax than with some wine, chocolate, a movie or a god book, and some pamper yourself hand cream. Above is a gift basket I put together to help someone relax after the wonderful activity of the Christmas Season.

Items I included in this basket include:

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Harlequin's Biggest Sale Ever!

In celebration of 10 years of digital publishing, Harlequin is having it’s biggest sale ever! 10,000 series eBooks will be priced at  $1.99 from November 10th – November 17th  at, Barnes and Noble, Nook, Google and Kobo (US only). 

Four of my books are included in the sale. Click on the covers to check it out.


Turkey Chili Basket

Leftover season is almost upon us. Time to think about what to do with all the extra turkey. It's also time for some quick and easy meals after a long day of shopping, or decorating for Christmas. I put this basket together as an easy meal idea, or a way to deal with leftovers. The basket can also be given as a hostess gift. This is another basket for my RWA literacy event. It was inspired by this post for a Gourmet Halloween Boo Basket

The basket includes
Marie Callender's Biscuit Mix
3 Bean Chili Mix
McCormick Chili Sauce
Old Mansion Chili Mix

I also included a cute turkey gift bag to make it more festive, and a book so the cook can take some time off to rest and relax after a busy day.

Exercise Gift Basket

My local Romance Writers of America chapter holds a literacy fundraising event every November. Many creative and fun gift baskets are created for a raffle to help raise money for literacy programs. This year, I am donating two baskets. Here is one of them. 

This is my Well Writer Basket. As writers, we spend a great deal of our day sitting at the computer, which can take a toll on our health. I put together a basket to help get writers up and moving. This basket isn't just for writers, but for anyone looking to get more exercise.

Items in the basket include

Leslie Sansone Muscle Mile One DVD - Her DVDs are great for beginners or anyone starting up again after injury or illness. 
Giam Core Yoga DVD - two different workouts, including a 10 minute one. Great for stretching between chapters.

Your Body Beautiful: Clockstopping Secrets to Staying Healthy, Strong, and Sexy in Your 30s, 40s, and Beyond by Jennifer Ashton, M.D. - lots of good advice for your body, skin and health.

Pedometer - get up and get those 10,000 steps a day.
L'Oreal Silky Sheer Face Sunscreen - to protect your skin while you walk.
Propel Water - a healthy alternative to sodas.
Resistance Band - for building muscle.
Mauer Protein Minis - for a quick, healthy snack.
Emergency C - to help keep you well.
Exercise Towel - in a fun and bright color to help inspire your workout.

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It Happened One Christmas Pre-Order Thank You Contest

Happy October everyone!
IT HAPPENED ONE CHRISTMAS, a collection of three Christmas novellas by me, Ann Lethbridge and Carla Kelly  is now available for pre-order. Anyone who pre-orders it can also enter the IT HAPPENED ONE CHRISTMAS pre-order thank you contest. Simply fill out the form here, click to confirm and you are entered to win a fabulous prize pack from the Jane Austen Gift Shop!
Christmas gets more interesting when sailing master Ben Muir takes lodgings with Mandy Mathison! Because when her scandalous past is revealed, only he can save her future…
Lily Rutherford is shocked to learn the man who snubbed her years before will be staying for Christmas. Can she forgive the viscount in time for a stolen kiss under the mistletoe?
Penniless widow Cassandra Norton faces Christmas on the run with her two stepdaughters, until Adam Royston sweeps her off her feet and into his country estate!
Blurbety Blurb Blurb, blurbety blurbety blurbety blurb.

Tea and Books Basket

I love doing the tea and books baskets. They are simple and popular and people love tea goodies. This month's basket is a simple but elegant one. Sadly, the pictures on my phone didn't turn out as nice as I would have liked. However, here it is. The items in the basket include:
English Tea Shop Pomegranate tea
Threshold Printed Bird Linen napkin
Demitasse spoon
A mini jar of honey
A tea recipe booklet
It Happened One Christmas - a Christmas novella anthology with my story The Viscount's Christmas Kiss
Decorative wire basket

I like the way this simple basket turned out. Trust me, it looked good in person :-)
In a little while I will have my well writer basket to show off, but first I have to gather a few more things.

History Horror Movies for Halloween

Sometimes, the past can be just as frightening as a post apocalyptic future. Today, I offer a list of scary movies set in the days of yore. Some are gory, some are spooky and some are both. I hope this list helps you find a new favorite flick in time for Halloween!

Snow White: A Tale of Terror
A medieval and creepy take on the Snow White story with a nasty wicked queen played by Sigourney Weaver and a gutsy, heroic Snow White.

The Countess
A Renaissance story of Erzebet Bathory, the original lady Vampire who bathed in the blood of virgins. This is one wicked woman.

Sleepy Hollow
Colonial America with a headless horseman, Johnny Depp and a good bit of gore.

Brotherhood of the Wolf
Spine tingling chills, suspense and intrigue in 18th century France.

The Mummy.
Ancient Egyptian curses and rotting corpses at their best. This movie straddles both the ancient world and the 1920s.

The Victorian era is a popular one for horror films, so here are a few films set in the Victorian England to scare you.

Braham Stoker's Dracula
The creepiness of gothic Victorian England combined with the strange allure of a blood sucker.

The Woman in Black
More spooky Victorian houses to keep you up all night.

More mental thriller than horror film,
it will mess with your mind,
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