Coffee Lovers Gift Basket

Are you looking for a gift basket idea for a large group or organization? Then here's a basket for you. I organized this basket for a group and everyone donated an item. I decided to go with coffee because most people love their morning cup of Joe.

Items in the basket included various types of coffee, cups, travel mugs, a Mr. Coffee Coffee Press, biscotti, Starbucks syrup, a Mickey Mouse Mug Warmer, a Starbucks gift card, small bottles of Kahlua, coffee scented nail polish, a book on the history of coffee and other assorted coffee related items. The items were placed in a shallow basket that can be reused by the winner. It was a fun and easy basket to organize for a group.

coffee, gift basket

If you enjoy coffee then you'll enjoy my books because they're great to read while you're drinking your coffee.


Connie said...

What a clever gift basket. My sister-in-law used to make up gift baskets for people to give to their friends. She would find out what what the recipient likes for treats, their hobbies, and their passions and go from there. She was very talented with it.

Olivia Morris said...

Great ideas, I love my coffee and this basket sounds like a real winner to me. Filing this for the next time I need to do something like this.Thanks!

Roseann Hampton said...

What a great collection of coffee items! I know quite a few people that would enjoy this!

Mummascribbles said...

This looks great - I always look for coffee ideas for my coffee fan mum! Thanks for linking up with #TwinklyTuesday