Tips for Finding & Getting the Most Out of Writing Organizations

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Writing organizations can be wonderful places where you can learn a great deal, meet like-minded people, and take advantage of great opportunities like live events and conferences. Below are some tips for getting the most out of writing groups.

1. Go on-line to find groups. The more groups you find, the more chances you'll have of finding ones that work for you. In addition to local chapters of national organizations, many libraries offer writings groups. There are also on-line writing groups that you can join in order to meet new people, forge new connections, and learn.

2. Give the group a trial run. Once you find a few groups, it will take some time for you to discover if the group is right for you. Many on-line and library groups have free membership so it's easy to attend a few meetings in order to get a feel for things. National organizations often offer one or two meetings free to potential members before they require membership. Take advantage of these to determine if the group is right for you. With all groups, use your time there to gauge if the other members are friendly to you and your current professional level. If you are a beginner, and everyone around you is also a beginner, it can help you to not feel alone. However, people at your level may not have enough experience to offer the advice, guidance or inspiration necessary for helping you to reach the next professional level. Don't be intimidated by the more experienced writers. Most of them remember what it was like to be a newbie, and they're eager to share with others what they know.

3. Give and you will get. Don't just suck up information but give back. You may not be able to contribute a lot at first, but as you become more experienced don't forget to help others the way others helped you. Teach workshops, offer guidance and critiques. You don't want to forget that you were once just starting out too. Also, take advantages of promotional opportunities that the organization offers. These can be great ways to reach new readers and build your fan base. Go to conference and workshops too so you can network with other writers and industry professionals.

4. Don't Limit Yourself to One Group. Every organization has its strength and weaknesses. By joining many, both on-line and in person, you'll benefit from a vast array of experience and knowledge.

5. Don't be afraid to leave the group if it no longer meets your needs. Your needs as a writer will change as you move forward in your career. Don't be afraid to move on when the writing organization no longer meets your needs. It can be hard to leave a group once you've belonged for a while. The familiar is comforting, but if a group is no longer helping you to attain your goals or provide you with pertinent information then it isn't doing you any good. There are many writing organizations, and you are sure to find another one that meets your current professional needs.

If you enjoyed these tips on how to find a writing organization that is right for you then you will enjoy my books because I wrote them while I was involved in many different organizations.

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