Lap dogs do not like laptops but they can be inspiring.

One advantage to owning a small dog is the ability to pick him up as needed for cuddling, for safety or for bad behavior. The disadvantage is the dog’s ability to crawl into my lap and wedge himself between me and my laptop. It’s difficult to type when my terrier is nudging my hand in an attempt to get my attention. At times my terrier might prevent me from typing. At other times he's an excellent source of inspiration. This lesson can be applied to all of life's distractions.

It's a constant struggle to balance the demands of life with the need to write. Grocery stores, cars, dentists, family, bills and sleep all conspire to keep us away from the keyboard. However, what conspires against us can also inspire us. In the midsts of each of these distraction, instead of lamenting the loss of typing time think "What if...?". I like to keep a pad of paper and pen in my purse in case of a "What if...?" moment.

Just think of the possibilities. What if a woman went to the hunky dentist's office? What if I came up with a story while sitting in the dog dermatologist's waiting room (yes, there are dog dermatologists, I've taken my terrier to one)? What if I unplugged the internet so I could eliminate at least one distraction?

OK, "What if...?" can go too far but you get the idea.

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Amarinda Jones said...

I love the line 'lapdogs do not like laptops' - hmmm...try saying that line 7 times quickly