I've been tagged.

Elizabeth tagged me. Now my mission is to write 6 quirky things about me. Below are my own little oddities.

1) I don't like the feel of felt. It gives me the creeps.

2) I have to separate my M&Ms into color groups before I eat them. This also applies to Skittles and any other multi-colored candies.

3) I order burgers the way Sally from When Harry Met Sally orders burgers. Sometimes this method of ordering applies to other menu choices but I try to restrict it to burgers.

4) In communal kitchens, when I tear a paper towel off the role it has to come off clean. For some reason it bothers me to the point of distraction when the towel rips or someone with wet hands has touched the whole role.

5) Pencils have to be sharp and of a certain length. I may write with a dull pencil but I hate when they're short. It throws the weight off.

6) Bell peppers. I can't stand the sight, taste or especially the smell of them.

Thinking about quirks makes me think about characterization. Giving a character a little quirk helps bring the character to life and make them feel more real. Try and think of Darth Vader without thinking about his weird breathing. Or Fred Fenster's mumbling in The Usual Suspects. I read an interview where Benicio Del Toro explained how he made his character hard to understand in order to turn what was a bland character into something more memorable. Quirks make characters memorable.

Quirks can also help us develop a character by making us think about what in their past resulted in the odd behavior. Quirks can also play a role in the conflict. How will the hero react to the heroine's quirk of vice versa? Will it create conflict or bring them closer together? In the case of a serious quirk, can the H/H overcome it in order to do what's necessary to save another character or pursue their love? The possibilities are endless.

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Amarinda Jones said...

Hmmm...what an interesting woman you are - weird - but interesting