Should You Use Amazon PrimePantry?

The short answer is Yes! Earlier this year, I was on deadline for one of my books, and my little one was ill. It meant I couldn't leave the house, and we started running low on some critical things like toilet paper. I could have sent my husband out for them but he was out of town for business at the time, which is pretty unusual for him. Amazon kept sending me emails reminding me that I had a $5 credit and I could also get $5 off and free shipping if I bought five select Amazon PrimePantry products. I'd been hesitant to purchase things because I'm a big fan of generic. However, if ever there was a time to have items delivered to my door, it was then. I gave the service a shot, and I have to say, I liked it. As much as I enjoy browsing the clearance aisles of stores for great deals, not having to get dressed, get in the car, wander around a store, stand in line, and then drive home simply because we were almost out of toilet paper was very appealing. I went on Amazon PrimePantry, added a number of things to my cart, hit pay, and in two days a potential crisis was averted. I have used it many times since, especially when life gets crazy.

If you are thinking of trying Amazon PrimePantry here are some things you might want to know.

Amazon PrimePantry Positives:

- Amazon will entice you with deals and discounts until they almost make it impossible for you to say "no."

- The national coupon is already included and you apply it with one click.

- You don't have to leave the house. If you have a new baby or a sick kid, this is perfect for you.

- Pictures of the packaging and nutritional information are included so, if you need to know about ingredients or calories, you are able to see it.

Amazon PrimePantry Negatives:

- No Generic. If you are a fan of generic, you won't find them here. However, when life is busy and I'm in need of something important, the $2 I might save by buying generic is balanced by the gas and time I saved by not driving to the store.

- Selection can be limited. I don't drink coffee but I get my caffeine fix from Diet Wild Cherry Pepsi. Sadly, this is the one flavor Amazon PrimePantry does not sell. I found this with other products ranging from laundry detergent to paper towels. However, when I'm on deadline, caffeine is caffeine so regular Diet Pepsi will do. Trust me, it won't go to waste.

- The product isn't always what you thought it was because it's sometimes hard to tell from the picture and description. I bought a large package of paper towels thinking they were the bigger roles. They weren't. They weren't worth sending back so I put them in the pantry and knew better for next time, Again. they won't go to waste.

- Fresh produce and meat isn't an option. I understand Amazon has another service for that but I have not used it.

I hope this information helps you as you ponder whether or not to use Amazon PrimePantry. While you're on Amazon, check out my books. It was because of them that I decided to use the service in the first place.

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