Face to Face Promotion Tips for Writers

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The age of Twitter and Facebook has changed the way authors promote themselves and their work. We're used to sitting behind a computer and interacting with people on social media. As a result, when it comes to promoting ourselves in person, sometimes we're lost. Below are some tips you can use to promote yourself in person.   

Face to Face Promotion Tips for WritersBring it up in everyday conversation
When you first meet people or are mingling in line at the supermarket, people often ask "What do you do?" Reach into your purse, pull out a bookmark, hand it to them and say "I'm an author." People are naturally curious so be yourself, be friendly and talk to them. You may never see them again, but since they've met you, they're more likely to check out your work.

Take stock of the organizations you belong to outside of your writing group
For example:
-        Book clubs – Do you have a family member or neighbor in one? A lot of people are in more than one and they'd love to have you come speak. You just have to ask. While there, bring free stuff like books and other goodies. If you can't attend in person, ask if the members would like free books and then give them some. Your books don't do you any good languishing in your closet.

-        Organizations - Organizations often offer speaking opportunities that will get you in front of a large group of people. You get exposure and they get a great speaker. Tie your presentation into what you write. For example, I write historicals and I once spoke to a local Victorian Ladies’ Group on Regency Christmas traditions. I included my talk in a blog post here. Always remember to offer something of value to the listener and to leave participants with a gift for listening such as a bookmark, pens or a free book.

When it comes to organizations, don't limit yourself to writers' groups or book clubs. Think of other places where you know a lot of people and where you can present your work. For example, my church holds a yearly Christmas boutique and I sell my books there. I've gained a lot of loyal readers from this event and it has also led to other speaking opportunities at libraries and with other groups. The more people you meet, the more opportunities will come your way. 

     Recruit Helpful Family and Friends        
Face to Face Promotion Tips for Writers
     The old joke is that your mom loves your work and it's usually true. She's proud of you and willing to tell everyone about you. If not her, then your sister or whoever you know who is outgoing, involved with lots of groups, and not shy about handing out bookmarks and telling people about you. My dentist once offered to display my postcards in her waiting room and I did it. I've also asked teacher friends to leave postcards and books in the teacher's lounge. Don't be afraid to ask people for help. They'll probably jump at the chance to do it.

One oft the biggest thing to keep in mind with all of these ideas is to create personal connections by being yourself and being friendly. You are your most powerful marketing tool so have fun and get out there and tell the world about you and your books. 

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