A Historic Wine Shop as Inspiration

Berry Bros. & Rudd, wine shop, Regency
In my novel A Too Convenient Marriage, the hero, Justin Connors, wants to open a wine shop. While I was doing research on wine shops in Regency England, I ran across the history of  Berry Bros. & Rudd in St. James's Street London. I relied on pictures of the interior to help me accurately describe how a wine shop in the Regency era would have looked.

Regency England, wine, Regency, romance novel

Berry Bros. & Rudd, wine shop, regencyThe shop has been in London, in its present location since 1698. Although it has changed hands a few times since then, it's success hearkens back to the Widow Bourne who's keen sense of business (much like the keen sense of business the heroines in my Business of Marriage series posses) is the one who really made it into a business which has withstood the test of time.

Berry Bros. & Rudd, wine shop, Regency

You can read more about the shop's great history by visiting the Barry Bros. & Rudd website at at http://www.bbr.com/about/london-coffee-scales

Berry Bros. & Rudd, wine shop, Regency


Sim Carter said...

What a beautiful little shop! I can see why it would be very helpful to the writing of your novel. I'm going to have to visit the place virtually in my own blog— I join Joy on Fridays to share my weekly Above Ground on the London Underground post. Haven't got to St. James Place, but that lovely shop makes me want to!

Joy said...

That's a gorgeous interior. I love the long history that some of the businesses in England can trace.

Georgie Lee said...

Thanks Sim and Joy for stopping by. I do love how old some businesses are in England. Such a sense of history and tradition.