5 Tips for Dressing for a Conference

5 Tips for Dressing for a Conference, how to, fashion, conference

I'm no fashionista, but with the Romance Writers of America national conference almost upon me I've been thinking a lot about my wardrobe lately. While conference is a lot of fun and packed with parties, it's also a professional event with excellent networking opportunities. So, how do I look professional while still being comfortable and practical? I offer 5 tips below that I've learned from my past conference experiences.

Aerosoles, sandals1) Sensible Shoes. At conference, I'm walking and on my feet A LOT. I want to be comfortable and to concentrate on networking and having fun instead of how much my feet hurt. This doesn't mean I have to wear ugly shoes, but I do look for cute flats and sandals with good padding and support. I love Aerosoles because they're stylish but very comfortable. If you're a flip flop kind of gal and want to step it up a bit, I recommend these http://amzn.to/294RcoN I have two pairs of them in two different colors.

nine west dress, black dress
2) Keep It Simple. My conference day can last from 7 am until well into the evening. I don't like to wake up each morning bleary eyed from the day before and try and match shirts and tops. As a result, I stick with dresses. I have one dress for each day of the conference plus one back-up. A dress is easy to pull on in the morning while still looking professional. I have a dress similar to this one http://amzn.to/298vlPf and I love it.

3) Easy Care Fabrics. I don't like ironing so I pack clothes that don't wrinkle. Non wrinkle fabrics can also handle having a little chocolate from the dessert party dropped on them without being ruined.

4) A Sizable Yet Stylish Tote. There's a lot of swag at conference, along with programs, notebooks, my personal stuff and books. Now is no time for a tiny purse, but I also don't want something so huge it's like lugging around a rock. I have a black Maxx Gear tote that I've carried to more than one conference. It's no longer sold but it's similar to this one http://amzn.to/29kKfOF It goes with my outfits and is up to the job of helping me get through the day

5) A Small Sweater that Goes with Everything. While the conference city I'm in might be hot, more than likely the AC in the hotel will be freezing. In my stylish yet sizable bag, I always carry a small black sweater which goes with my dresses. It's also made of an easy care fabric so it won't wrinkle. Like shoes, a little sweater helps keep me comfortable and allows me to focus on fun and business instead of trying to warm up. Here is cute sweater and dress ensemble idea from Live, Laugh and Shop.

If you likes these tips, you will like my books because there's a lot of Regency fashion in them.

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