Books on Early 19th Century Fossil Hunters & Arctic Exploration

I'm currently studying early fossil hunters and early arctic explorers for my book
The Captain's Frozen Dream.
It is a love story between an early 19th century female fossil hunter and an early Arctic explorer. 
Today, I found a lot of great books at the library on both subjects. 

I love my job!

Here's a sampling of what I found. 

It's an in-depth look at the early British naturalists and fossil hunters.

Reading the two books above makes me wonder how anyone on any of those early arctic expeditions managed to survive.

A biography of fossil hunter Mary Anning and her place in the male dominated science field of the early nineteenth century.

If you want to see how the research was incorporated into the story, please check out my novel

Can he salvage her reputation? 
Trapped in the Arctic ice, intrepid explorer Captain Conrad Essington was driven on by thoughts of his fiancĂ©e, Katie Vickers. Finally home, he's ready to take her in his arms and kiss away the nightmare of that devastating winter. 
Except the past eighteen months haven't been plain sailing for Katie, either. With Conrad believed dead, and her reputation in tatters, Katie has relinquished all hope of her fiancé ever returning to save her. Now he's back, can the dreams they've both put on hold at last come true?

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Joy said...

Cool! I'm a fan of early British naturalists but I've paid more attention to the plant gathers, than the dinosaur seekers.

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Joyce Lansky said...

Nothing better than having a job you love.

Tina at said...

How fun! I'm a big fan of Ernest Shackleton, but he was an Antarctic explorer. I can't think of any Arctic explorers off hand. Thanks for sharing it with us at Booknificent Thursday!