The Last Bookstore

Last week, I had the chance to visit a unique bookstore in downtown Los Angeles. 

The Last Bookstore is an interesting mix of Barnes & Noble meets a used record store meets a used bookstore. Housed in an old bank building, the second floor, called the Labyrinth, contains a vast collection of used books all priced at $1. I was like a kid in a candy store as I combed through the shelves looking for unique research books.

The sheer amount of books available for a great price isn't the only thing amazing about The Last Bookstore. Around every corner of the Labyrinth are whimsical displays to temp a curious reader.

 Books are stacked to create windows or tunnels.

 An old vault is used to house the paranormal books.

Hidden rooms behind bookcases and a whole room with used books arranged by color are just some of the fun waiting for unsuspecting readers.

 If you get a chance to visit Los Angeles, I highly recommend checking out this store. Just make sure to give yourself plenty of time to peruse the shelves to find your treasure of a book. You can fin my books at www.Georgie-Lee,com

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Marissa D said...

Very cool! Thank you for sharing this with Cozy Reading Spot. I love this!