Vintage Beefcake

Welcome to the weekend everyone. To celebrate, I offer you some vintage beefcake, and I do mean vintage. Meet Eugene Sandow, he's the man who got your great-great grandma's knickers in a twist. He was promoted by the great Ziegfeld and was one of the pioneers of bodybuilding in the late Victorian and Edwardian eras. 
This man knew how to rock a fig leaf.

vintage, retro, bodybuilding, weight lifting

vintage, retro, bodybuilding, weight lifting


Christina said...

Just found your blog!!
Now following.
looking forward to getting to know you and keeping up!

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Anonymous said...

Hello!! Stopping by from "An Ordinary Housewife" Blog Hop. New follower via gfc :) Nice blog!!


heidi said...

These are so much fun. And I really love the last pic.

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Nikki Stevens said...

Love the 'stache, and the third pic made me go "Yowza!"

Jennifer Hughes said...

Ha! I think the Countess would actually faint!