A Knight in the Car Park.

So, what's with all the dead people under car parks? Lately, it seems like you can't dig up a car park in the UK without stumbling on a body.
First, there was poor old Richard III.

Now, a knight and his family have been found beneath the asphalt. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-2317097/Researchers-family-knight-Middle-Ages-buried-Edinburgh-car-park.html

I know these interesting finds have more to do with the layers of history under the UK soil than any nefarious plot to pave over people. I've read many stories of people in the UK digging in their backyard and finding bones, Roman coins, and dud WWI shells. I have to admit, I'm jealous. The most I've found digging in my back yard is an old swim mask and a 7Up can circa 1982. Truly exciting finds (yawn).  What I wouldn't give to find a Roman coin. Since I live in Southern California, this really would be news. Until that day arrives, I have to live vicariously through all those people lucky enough to dig up broadswords and Celtic hoards while planting tomatoes.

In honor of this latest car park find, and to console myself while I toss out yet another old soda can, I'm posting a collection of hot knights. Enjoy.


MrsP said...

I have to admit...you sucked me in. They are hot. I must not be dead yet.

Chasing Joy said...

LOL Great post. I was thinking oh no is this going to be boring??? Nope Hot Knights are never boring. Neither are bodies found under parking lots :-)

Stopping by from more than mommies mixer.

Vanessa Jimenez said...

This was an amazing post. I grew up reading about RIchard III! It was all very exciting for me when he was found. I am loving your blog!