Party like it's 1599!

I love non-fiction history, so I was excited when I stumbled across an article about a new book detailing the drinking habits of the Tudors. Yes, this kind of stuff excites me.

Revelations: The Tudor love of binging is detailed in a new book about drinking in the 16th century

To sum up the theme of the book, they drank, a lot.

Booze was safer than water, and let's face it, if you lived in mud up to your ankles, with the plague sweeping in on a somewhat regular basis and your very existence was only one crop failure away from being snuffed out, wouldn't you go through life drunk too? I would. As much as I love history, I know it wasn't an episode of

It was more like

It didn't even pay to be the nobility, after all, if you were a man, you were only one wrong look from Henry VIII from having your head cut off. If you were a woman it was even worse. Who knows what bucked-toothed Duke you'd be sold to. My guess is, he looked less like this

and more like this

So, why not imbibe from morning to night? After all, even back then it was five o'clock somewhere.


Ellen said...

I love this era too! I have to say, this post made my morning! :) Thank you so much for posting!

Anonymous said...

Georgie I lovd this post, so funny! I featueed it on my Friday's Fave!

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