Mom Humor

Being a mom, sometimes you have to laugh or you will cry, or perhaps drink. Here are a few things to amuse you. Enjoy!

If you enjoyed this you will enjoy my books. There are moms in my books.


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Loool, the last one is hilarious.

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Serena Malcolm said...

Haha - Happy Friday.

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Xiomara Maldonado said...

Love these! Must pin.


Tho I'm a grandmother in this point of my life, I can still relate to these and they're a "hoot". All because they're so true.

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These were AWESOME! Thanks for linking up to the Mixer this weekend! :)

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Love those pictures! hahaha!! I'm a new follower from Linkin with my ladies :)

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Haha ... I have all these but the last one!
These are great!

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Sandee said...

Oh this is spot on. Spot on. Been there and done that.

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Betty Taylor said...

Yes, they are all so accurate! Enjoyed them. Thanks!!

Joyce Lansky said...

Funny but true.

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