Books & Websites to Help You Research Your Historical Novel

I'm a non-fiction history junkie. As a result, I enjoy doing research for my Regency England novels. I love it but I realize it isn't everyone's cup of tea. Last month, a writer friend of mine asked me to put together a list of some research books and websites I use. She shared the list with people at a workshop and I thought I'd share it with you. I hope you enjoy it and please feel free to comment with any other research resources you use.

Good History Series Books for Different Time Periods.

What Was life Like… – Covers all time periods. Time Life Books

A History of Private Life – Many volumes covering all time periods. Editor Phillippe Aries

A Writer’s Guide to Everyday Life in… – Writer’s Digest Books. Each book covers a different time 
period and it is a great quick reference on various topics of everyday life.

You Wouldn't Want to Be - series of children's books. Despite being for youngsters there is a lot of great information, detail and historical facts. It's all presented in a fun and entertaining way.

Ancient Egypt

Anything by Joyce Tyldesley

Tudor England

Regency and Georgian England

The Regency Companion - Sharon Laudermilk & Teresa L.Hamlin - hard to find but if your library has it then check it out!

Candice Hern’s Regency World -

Kristen Koster's Regency Primer -

The Georgian Index -

Edwardian and Victorian

Museum of Costume in Bath





Revolutionary Medicine - C. Keith Wilbur - Great book with pictures an great explanations. Other time preoids and are available in the series.

Body Trauma: A Writer’s Guide to Wounds and Injuries –David W. Page M.D.

Horse and Buggy Doctor - Arthur Hertzler

I hope this list helps you begin your research journey. Check out my books because I incorporate a lot of research into my novels

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