A Halloween Themed Bridal Shower

Halloween party, bridal shower

Creativeness runs in my family, but when it comes to the decorative arts, it galloped right past me and hit my sister. Creativity hit me in the form of writing novels. However, despite my shortcomings, every once in a while I can channel Martha Stewart, or in this case, Better Homes and Gardens.

When my sister got married, I was the matron of honor, I threw her a bridal shower. Since it was an October wedding, I decided to go with a Halloween theme. Not a scary, zombie laden bash but a tasteful hint of Halloween. I had an image in my mind of what I wanted but had no idea how to implement it. Thankfully, the October issue of Better Homes and Gardens happened to arrive with these pictures!!!

In the print edition of the magazine, the punch bowl picture shows the black tablecloth with the white cheesecloth laid over it. The on-line version didn't have it so, you'll have to take my word for it.

Armed with my magazine, I set out to create a similar table for my party. I already have a lot of Halloween decorations, so I pulled the boxes out of the basement, bought the few things I was missing and ta-da!

Please excuse the arm in the picture. In all the excitement of setting up that morning, I almost forgot to take a picture. I remembered as everyone finished helping themselves to wraps and mimosas. I had orginialy planned to use my silver and white china and my fancy silverware but an hour before the party my dishwasher died. I'm not a big fan of doing dishes so I decided to go with paper plates instead. I created a similar table for presents but completely forgot to take a picture. I blame the mimosas.

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Denyse @ Glitter, Glue, Paint said...

Georgie! We all have to start somewhere and I think you did a great job!!

Thanks for sharing at Throwback Thursdays!!