All For One!

The Three Muskateers opens this weekend and, after the week I've had, I really need some fun escapism. Also, with British hunks Ray Stevenson and Matthew MacFadyen swinging their swords, it will be a hard film to resist. In fact, there are many period pieces I've sat through simply to watch my favorite beefcake. Some were good, some were not but I still watched them. I even own some of the stinkers (can we say King Arthur with Clive Owen?) and I am not alone. At a recent get-together with friends, we all trilled off our favorite less than Masterpiece Theatre quality favorites. So, don't be afraid of those questionable period films sitting in your collection. Admit you love the costumes, the dishy hunks and the lavish settings, slap them in the DVD player and have some fun!

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