Thanks, but you shouldn't have.

A fellow author and I were chatting this weekend about classic books. Together, we hit on a number of "classics" that well, just shouldn't have been written, or shouldn't be considered classics. For her, it was Daniel Deronda. For me, it was Silas Marner and we both felt that Tess of the D'Urbervilles was just a whiny wimp who should have simply kept her mouth shut.

I realize that English majors everywhere are gasping in amazement at my ignorance and insisting that I didn't comprehend the masterful imagery and symbolism etc. Perhaps they are right. I wasn't an English major but I am an avid reader and, classics or not, these books just didn't do it for me. Feel free to agree or disagree or even mention one of your least favorite classics. Who knows, maybe someone else feels the same way you do.

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