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I wish I could come up with something witty for today, but I can't. Instead of witty, I've decided to go with beefcake. So pull up a chair and enjoy this little Whitman's Sampler of beefcake flavors.

We have...

a little smoldering Roman delight,

or perhaps you prefer a little smoldering Elizabethan delight.

I personally enjoy some "it should have won an Academy Award for costume design" delight.

How about a more modern budgie smuggler?

Or do you prefer a little more dressing on your beefcake?

Maybe a little cheese with your beefcake?

Just to get the bad taste out of your mouth, here is the final beefcake for today.

All the flavor, none of the calories.

1 comment:

Amarinda Jones said...

Ick...that second last one is pukeable