North & South

North and South, BBC, Daniela Denby-AshRichard Armitage, North & South, BBCThanks to Kristie J. and the Ramblings on Romance, Etc. blog I've become a big fan of North and South. What I really enjoyed about the movie, beside watching Richard Armitage for four hours, was the depth of his character Mr. Thornton. In the beginning, Mr. Thornton appears to be the typical brooding Victorian hero. However, as the story develops, more aspects of his character are revealed and he grows and changes in very surprising ways.
 Richard Armitage plays Mr. Thornton with such a depth of masculine emotion that it's difficult not to be moved. I don't want to give anything away, but there were a couple of scenes that had me sitting up and yelling "Oh my God!" at the TV.

Daniela Denby-Ashe is very good as Margaret Hale. I almost didn't realize that she is also the ditsy daughter from BBC's My Family and it's great to see her in a serious role.

I highly recommend North and South to anyone looking for a new favorite film to add to their collection.

If you love period piece movies then you will love my novels.


Elizabeth Kerri Mahon said...

Welcome to the cult Georgie! Your secret decoder ring and life-size poster of Richard Armitage are in the mail as we speak!

Amarinda Jones said...

I adore Richard Armitage...I loved him in Robin Hood

Anonymous said...

"there were a couple of scenes that had me sitting up and yelling "Oh my God!" at the TV."

I can appreciate this sentiment as I think i did the same!

North & South is fantastic, but then I think everything Richard Armitage does is great. Has this peeked your interest in watching his other work?

If so, have you had a look at as they have his bio and some great pics. There is also a friendly forum attached should you fancy a squee fest.

JaneFan said...

OH! I got "turned on" to North and South by another litblogger and couldn't believe it had taken me so long to find it. Haven't read the novel yet, but the miniseries is just wonderful. Some of the scenes are so beautiful (and that was watching it on a crummy laptop!) I've never seen any of RA's other films - I'll have to give them a try!

Kristie (J) said...

You liked it!!! You liked it!!!
Isn't it just everything we've been saying?
I was telling a couple of girls at work just today about The Crusade and they are both keen now on seeing it. I did show one of the the YouTube video of the final scene - you know the one *heh heh* but I kept worrying the entire time we would get caught at work swooning over John Thornton *wink*
Um - Elizabeth -- where is my life sized poster??? I don't care so much about the decoder ring though. I did ask Rosario if she could steal the life size poster they have of Guy of Gisbourne in Nottingham - but alas she declined.

Stacy~ said...

It was just wonderful, and I wish there was more of North & South to watch - I hated to see it end.

Hey, I want my life-size poster too!

Georgie Lee said...

I manage my parent's Netflix list and I got them hooked on the film. I wish I had a poster to go with my Clive Owen poster at work. I may have to give the BBC Robin Hood show a second look. I used to watch the "Vicar of Dibley" years ago on PBS and now I'm going to have to get the episode with RA in it.

Kristie (J) said...

The Vicar of Dibley one with Harry Kennedy aka Richard Armitage it totally delightful!!! He is such a different character from either John Thornton or Guy of Gisbourne. He really is adorable and unlike John Thornton - smiles a lot *g*. We even get to see him laugh!
I've already watched it 4 or 5 times now. And *laughing* that's nothing compared to the number of times I've watched N&S.

Elizabeth Kerri Mahon said...

Ah, RA is adorable in the Vicar of Dibley. I could watch that one for hours too. I'm definitely buyign the Marie Lloyd video now that I have a region free DVD player. Georgie, the only reason to watch Robin of Sherwood is for RA as Sir Guy, it's certainly not for Robin Hood!

Amarinda Jones said...

Just found out the second series of Robin Hood starts tonight. I shall sit and gaze at RA

Georgie Lee said...

I added the RA Vicar of Dibley to Netflix today. After I watch "Daniel Deronda", it's more RA!

Ashley Ladd said...

Sounds like I have to rush out and get North and South to watch. I'm always looking for new, good movies.