Spooky? Or perhaps just serendipity.

I'm currently reading Amanda Quick's Second Sight. Being a book addict, I usually carry my current read in my purse or leave it in my car, just to make sure I have it to read at lunch, in line, in the waiting room etc. For some reason, I took the book out of my purse Thursday night. As a result, I arrived at work Friday morning and realized I didn't have it to read at lunch. I was upset but I had another Amanda Quick book in my car so lunchtime wouldn't be a total loss.

Late in the work morning I went to the break room to get a diet soda pick me up. I don't usually go to the break room because I bring a can of soda and my snacks with me to work. However, on Friday I wanted a diet cola instead of a diet 7Up (I needed the caffeine). I walked into the break room and lo and behold, sitting on the free book table is Second Sight. Considering Second Sight is part of the Arcane House series and deals with psychic abilities, I must ask, was it coincidence or something more? The world may never know.

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