Fall Comfort Gift Basket

Fall is in full swing, and Thanksgiving is just around the corner. To help people get into the feel of the season and the holiday, I created a fall comfort gift basket for a recent silent auction. I filled the basket with all sorts of comforting things to help a person relax on a crisp and cool evening.

Items I put in the basket included tea and a vintage Johnson and Bros. His Majesty mug to enjoy it in. For comfort food, I included a Not Your Mother's Slow Cooker Cookbook. When the weather turns cold I practically live by my slow cooker, and I am always looking for new recipes. Once dinner is done and the tea is brewed, the winner of the basket can enjoy an evening watching the BBC's production of Sense and Sensibility or pampering themselves with a selection of body creams and some lip balm. I also included a pair of fluffy Harlequin socks from the RWA 2016 conference so the winner can feel extra cozy.

I hope whoever wins this enjoys it!

If you love to be cozy in the fall then you will love my books because they are great for curling up with.

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Jeanne M said...

Georgie -

I recently moved from Rhode Island to South Carolina and like many others who have moved one of my favorite things somehow didn't get packed! You probably already know that the item was my my favorite box of chocolate! To be honest I think that my husband ate it while I was doing the packing!

penney said...

How do you enter to win the fall basket?
I saw it in your newsletter
Thanks Penney

Quilt Lady said...

How do you win this fall basket, I saw this in your newsletter and was wondering how to enter.