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By Georgie Lee
An independent heiress and stubborn Viscount bet their hearts and their futures on a wager.

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Charlotte Stuart is an heiress dedicated to charitable causes who's been betrayed by the false love of a fortune hunter before. Ridiculed by Paris society for her mistake, she vows never to fall victim to the weakness of love again. Driven back to England by the collapse of the Peace of Amiens, she enters London society and meets Lord Edward Woodcliff, a handsome Viscount in straightened circumstances. Falling for Edward means risking being humiliated again.

Edward has come to London to find a wife. Made leery of marriage by his father’s disastrous second marriage, Edward feigns poverty in order to find a woman who loves him and not his wealth. He loses his heart to the independent and spirited Charlotte, but her fear of being betrayed, and his hesitation to make a matrimonial mistake, prove difficult to overcome.

All seems hopeless until Edward challenges Charlotte to a wager. If he wins, he gains her hand in marriage. If he loses, then Charlotte is free of him. Charlotte accepts the wager only to lose her hand and her heart to Edward. Now Charlotte must put aside her fears of being betrayed by love long enough to let Edward into her life and admit he is the man of her dreams

Excerpt from Lady's Wager by Georgie Lee

London, 1803

“Have the portraits been hung and the extra seating arranged?” Charlotte Stuart called to her aunt as she bounded into the drawing room. With her terrier Minnie tucked under one arm, Charlotte inspected the newly rearranged furniture and art. Everything had to be perfect, each piece displayed to its best advantage, for the improvements to St. Dunstan’s Charitable Hospital depended on tonight’s success. The large, rectangular room, normally an eclectic blend of Queen Anne and neoclassic, had been carefully rearranged to resemble a salon. Charlotte’s collection of paintings from abroad hung two high on the red walls, while a selection of her Grecian urns and Italian marble statues graced the small tables scattered about the room.
Charlotte placed Minnie on the floor and the small dog dashed over to greet Aunt Mary, who perched on the edge of the settee.
“Charlotte, I don’t know if I approve of this,” Aunt Mary replied in a high voice as she absentmindedly patted Minnie’s head. “What will your uncle say?”
“Uncle Charles will say very little, as usual.” Charlotte hoped this would put a quick end to her aunt’s concerns, but the thin, tight line of Aunt Mary’s lips told her otherwise.
“Had I known you intended to entertain apothecaries, I never would’ve sent the invitations. You tricked me.”
“I did no such thing.” She struggled not to roll her eyes as a long morning of calming her aunt’s frayed nerves stretched out before her.
“You did. You said you wished to host a small soirĂ©e. I was so happy to see you finally showing an interest in proper society, but this is not what I had in mind.” She shook her handkerchief at the mahogany table in the center of the room which supported a fine collection of evaporator glasses, vials and burners.

“Don’t fret Aunt Mary, it’s all very proper,” Charlotte tossed over her shoulder as she moved a delicate Grecian urn to a sturdier table in the corner.

One lucky person will win an ebook copy of The Courtesan'd Book of Secrets.

Uncovered: a list of noblemen's names—each one guilty of treason. 

To save his family legacy, Rafe Densmore must seize a courtesan's infamous register. No one can ever know how his father betrayed his country! One person stands in Rafe's way—the beautiful Cornelia, Comtesse de Vane. 

In the card rooms of Paris, Rafe and Cornelia made an unbeatable…intimate team. Until, convinced of Rafe's desertion, desperate Cornelia married an elderly comte. Now, returning to London an impoverished widow, she'll do anything to possess the register. Even if that means becoming Rafe's partner once again…. 

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