Tea & Photography Gift Baskets

With spring just around the corner, a lot of silent auctions are coming up. Below are three baskets I've created for recent events. 

The first basket is a black and white photography themed basket. I took a number of coffee table books and some beautiful prints from the Museum of Photographic Arts and combined them with my 1935 Hollywood novel, Studio Relations. I also added a DVD of the movie Letters from Iwo Jima because the box is a beautiful sepia tone that goes with the theme of the basket. For fun I added two martini glasses and some black and white samples of Vox vodka and put in another pop of red with a small box of chocolate.

The second basket I did was a more traditional tea and books basket. I found a lovely blue teapot and a blue mug and added a tin of tea and a small jar of honey. Behind the cup and pot, I added a number of historical romances, including my Regency romance The Courtesan's Book of Secrets to help make someone's Saturday relaxing.

The last basket I did was for a Mardi Gras event. 

I don't normally photograph the baskets in the plastic, but as I was getting ready to run out of the house and drop this off, I realized I'd forgotten to take a picture. This was my contemporary romance basket. I included a bottle of wine, a tote bag, wine glasses, a notebooks, a hunky cowboy bookmark and a number of contemporary romances. I was told the by event organizers that this was one of their "hot item" baskets and very popular.

I hope you enjoy this little peek at the baskets I enjoy making and find some inspiration for baskets of your own.

If you enjoy making baskets then you will enjoy my books. They are great for relaxing with after you make a basket. www.Georgie-Lee,com

Chronicles Of A Cold Texan


Joy said...

What a terrific idea and so fun to implement. I'd love to bid on these at a silent auction.

Thanks for joining British Isles Friday this week.

Unknown said...

Being that I have a photography business, I LOVE this idea! Thanks so much for joining us at the #HomeMattersParty - please share us with your friends, and we hope to see you again this Friday!

Ashley Tukiainen said...

Love this idea! Thanks for linking up with From The Archives Friday!