Great Websites for Armchair Historians

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History lovers, do you want to help historians all over the world make great new discoveries? Would you like to do it from the comfort of your own home? Thanks to the internet you can! Below are three of websites looking for history buff like you to help researchers learn more about the past. Check them out. One is sure to spark your fancy.

sailing ship, mast, HMS Surprise
Do you love maritime history then get set to read old ship's logs while contributing to science. Check out Old Weather at Oxford University You peruse old ships logs for information about the weather. It helps researchers understand weather patterns and how they have changed over time.

papyrus, hieroglyphicsAnother great website is one which allows armchair historian to help transcribe ancient papyrus texts   The article explains how you can help researchers pieces together the various bits of the Oxyrhynchus papyri. Speaking Greek is not required! 
. It can be found at

The United States National Archieves has numerous on-line volunteer opportunities. You can transcribe audio and video, tag photos and documents or add subtitles to videos. Visit to learn more!

I hope you find something that interests you. Check out my novels afterwards because they are full of history.

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