They'll never forget the name William Weston!

Then again, maybe not. It appears not everyone who sailed to the New World gained prominent mention in the history books. Instead, some of them got lost in the National Archives.

Can you imagine being lost in obscurity all because of a clerical mistake? OK, so it isn't just some alphabetically challenged clerk's fault. Had William actually found something, he might have gained Christopher Columbus fame. Then again maybe he did, only everyone is looking in the wrong file.

Speaking of travelers, I'm reading a great book on lady travelers titled No Place for a Lady: Tales of Adventurous Women Travelers by Barbara Hodgson. The book profiles courageous women adventurers who traveled to some pretty inhospitable parts of the globe back when women didn't travel to inhospitable parts of the globe. It's a great read, especially for those looking for story ideas.

If you like books about strong women then you should check out mine.

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