I am a rabid Enya fan, so you can imagine my excitement at the release of her new CD And Winter Came.  

I had the good fortune to meet her once seven years ago. It was after her appearance on the Larry King Live show. I happened to work in the CNN building and the alley between the building and the parking structure was where the autograph hounds always hung out. Most nights I ignored them and went to my car. On this particular night, I happened to ask who they were waiting for. When they said "Enya" I almost came unglued with excitement. For fear of missing her, I didn't dare run to my car and get my CD for her to sign. Instead I waited, a blank page in my Dayrunner ready. Out she came and for the first time in my life I was so star struck, I could barely put a sentence together. 

The framed autograph still hangs in my office at home.


Kristie (J) said...

Hey! A fellow Enya fanatic. I LOVE her music and keep hoping, fingers crossed, that some day she will go on tour and the tour will come here.
I'd be star struck meeting her to - lol

Georgie Lee said...

I wish she'd go on tour. It would be great!