So 2004

I'm no technophobe. I love digital cameras, I've played with the iPhone, I enjoy iTunes, I use my cell phone and I'm addicted to the internet, but the mp3 player craze had passed me by.

Until this weekend.

Thanks to my sister, I am now the proud owner of an mp3 player. I loaded up the player and went to town. Yes, all the music I love is on this little device, making me realize that I need some new music.

I wonder at what age we stop discovering new music and start sticking to the old favorites. As we get older, most of us continue to discover new TV shows, authors and recipes. However, the music we discovered as teenagers and young adults seems to be the music we stick to in later years. Just think of the CDs in your parents' CD player and you'll understand what I'm saying.

I wonder why we cling to music? Maybe it's comforting? Maybe we're lazy? Maybe the stuff on the radio really is that bad? I think I'll cruise the download new music section as I ponder the question.


Amarinda Jones said...

I am ipodless and I militantly refuse to get one.

Elizabeth Kerri Mahon said...

I love my iPod. And I have tons of both new and old music. The old music is a comfort zone, whenever I'm down. A way of waxing nostalgic and bringing back memories. But I love discovering new artists. I'm constantly listening to the radio and VH-1. Oh, and I've tagged you on my blog.