Mythic Plotting

I've always enjoyed classical mythology, especially ancient Egyptian mythology and the works of Joseph Campbell. The archetypes speak to me as they have to millions of people throughout the centuries. Myths and mythic images have inspired many of my stories, poems and characters.

The Writer's Journey was one of the first writing books I read. Given my mythological bent, the idea of crafting a story along the lines of the hero's journey appeals to me. I've tried other methods but I always find myself coming back to Vogler's. The plotting techniques help me use universally recognized story elements to craft both simple and complex stories that appeal to a wide range of people.

Another writing book that appeals to my mythological side is The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron. The book offers some great writing techniques for inspiring the muse. Her method of daily journaling help keep writer's block at bay while forcing me to make time every day for writing.


Laura said...

Thank you for visiting the Virtual Dime Museum....I am writing a Victorian-era mystery novel on the side (a bit farther on th side than I would like, of late, but still)so am quite interested to read your insights as a writer -

Amarinda Jones said...

I wish I was patient enough to plot. I admire those who do

Elizabeth Kerri Mahon said...

I love the Writer's Journey. I just bought the latest edition recently, and I've been dipping into it as I work on my WIP.