When did you become an anglophile?

A co-worker and I recently fixed our anglophile beginnings to watching AbFab on Comedy Central in the mid 1990’s. I’ve always been a British history buff and to this day I often clarify for friends which monarch did what and when, especially after an airing of The Tudors or the release of Elizabeth the Golden Age. However, as much as I always enjoyed PBS’s British programming, it wasn’t until I experienced modern British comedy, especially with the premiere of BBC America, that my British fervor really took off. There is something refreshingly accessible about watching AbFab, Little Britain, Top Gear or My Family. It’s even more exciting after my second visit to the UK because now I really understand many of the cultural references. Also, after my recent visit to the UK I realize we need Marks and Spencer food stores on this side of the pond.

So how about you? When did your love of all things British begin?

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Elizabeth Kerri Mahon said...

I think I was an anglophile out of the womb. My father's parents were from Barbados which is one of the most British of all the islands in the Carribean, but my anglomania probably started when I read my first Victoria Holt in 7th grade.